WHITE CAMPUS (Pvt) Ltd recently conducted a training program titled

“The Complete Mobile Device Security” for IT officers in the Sri Lanka Police.


No Rank Certificate Number Name
1 SSP 342001 K.D.G.L Ashoka Dharmasena
2 CI 342002 M.A. Thushara Rohan Chandrasena
3 CI 342003 P.S. Kaluarachchi
4 WCI 342004 M.V.P.S. Munasinghe
5 WCI 342005 D.N. Costa
6 WCI 342006 M.R.A. Anusha Umayanthi
7 SI 342007 P.V.S. Lakshan
8 SI 342008 K.A.C.N Mihiran
9 SI 342009 M.G. Prabhashwara
10 PS 342010 P.K. Ajith Priyantha
11 PS 342011 J.S.K. Dissanayake
12 PS 342012 A.G.P.J. Priyankara
13 PS 342013 D.R. Wijesiriwardana
14 PS 342014 K.J. Kaluarachchi
15 PS 342015 J.A. Dinusha Madushanka Jayasinghe
16 WPS 342016 C.K.D. Perera
17 WPS 342017 P.P.D. Ariyathilaka
18 PC 342018 S. Suresh Kumara
19 PC 342019 M.B.C. Priyantha
20 PC 342020 T.G.C.S. Amarasena
21 PC 342021 I.N.D. Wickramage
22 PC 342022 D.G.S.R. Dewasingha
23 PC 342023 S.P. Thushara Nadunpriya
24 PC 342024 R.M.T.D.B. Rathnayaka
25 PC 342025 R.M.W.P. Rajapaksha
26 PC 342026 S.D.S. Lakshan Jinadasa
27 PC 342027 A.K.S.D. Dhananja
28 PC 342028 L.A.I. Perera
29 PC 342029 K.O.S.M. Niroshan
30 PC 342030 W.K. Priyadarshana
31 PC 342031 R.K.B.M.S.S. Rajapaksha
32 PC 342032 P.E.K.P. Premarathna
33 PC 342033 R.P.K.C. Pushpa Kumara
34 PC 342034 R.P.C. Weerakoon
35 PC 342035 L.K.A.R. Lihinikaduwa
36 PC 342036 C.P. Rajekaruna
37 PC 342037 Nisal Niluminda
38 PC 342038 D.H.M.D.P. Herath
39 PC 342039 K.P.S.P. Pathirana
40 PC 342040 D.S. Mallawa Arachchi
41 PC 342041 D.P.B.B. Dissanayaka
42 PC 342042 H.E.N.S. Punyawansha
43 PC 342043 M.T.S. Kumara
44 PC 342044 K.G.S.V. Kumara
45 PC 342045 H.P.H.M. Sarathchandra
46 PC 342046 R.M.T.T. Gunasekara
47 PC 342047 E.R.M.S. Senarath
48 WPC 342048 K.S.H. Fernando
49 WPC 342049 Yamuna Hettiarachchi
50 DO 342050 J.A.A. Samali Chamika Jayasekara
51 DO 342051 K.N. Vishaka
52 DO 342052 Waruna Chathuranga Nanayakkara
53 Intern 342053 K.A.M.T. De Costa
54 Intern 342054 M.H.S. Sathsarini
55 Intern 342055 U.H. Kulathunge
56 Intern 342056 W.G.R.M.R.A.V.C.B Madugalle
57 Intern 342057 A.M.H.M. Abesekara 
58 Intern 342058 R.P.Y.L. Udayanga 
59 Intern  342059 K.H.H. Pemarathne
60 Intern  342060 W.W.D.D.C. Wickramasinghe


The Complete Mobile Device Security course conducted by White Campus for the Sri Lanka Police aims to provide IT officers with a comprehensive understanding of mobile device security. The course is based on the course content of EC-Council. The course modules are as follows:


    1. Introduction to Mobile Device Security: This module will provide an overview of mobile device security and its importance in today’s world. It will cover the basics of mobile device security, including the types of threats that mobile devices face and the different types of security measures that can be taken to protect them.

    1. Android Operating System Security: This module will provide an in-depth technical overview of the security features and limitations of the Android operating system, including the top risks and vulnerabilities that you need to know to protect your organization’s sensitive information.

    1. Mobile Application Security: This module will cover the security of mobile applications on Android devices, including the most common types of mobile application vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.

    1. Mobile Device Management: This module will cover the management of mobile devices in an enterprise type of environment, including the best practices for securing mobile devices and managing mobile applications on Android devices.

    1. Mobile Security Testing: This module will cover the testing of mobile devices and applications for security vulnerabilities on Android devices, including the different types of mobile security testing and how to perform them.

    1. Data Recovery and Hardware Recovery: This module will cover the recovery of data and hardware on Android mobile devices, including the most common types of data loss and hardware failure scenarios, and how to recover from them.

    1. Mobile Security Best Practices: This module will cover the best practices for mobile device security on Android devices, including the principles of least privilege, secure coding practices, and the use of encryption.

These modules are based on the course content of the EC-Council syllabus. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of course modules, and other courses may have different modules or cover different topics.




Waruna Fonseka

Instructor: Information & Cyber Security


Chanaka Hettiarchchi

Instructor: Laptop chip level repair and data recovery


Kalana Pramod
Professional Diploma in Mobile Phone Repair

Instructor: Mobile phones repair and data recovery


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